Ralphy the Rabbit

A Delightful Children’s Chapter Book for Early Reader & Middle Grade Kids

It’s never too early for a child to learn to feel special and happy about who they are.

Ralphy the Rabbit has never liked his ears because they look like dog ears and Oscar the Cat always teases him about them. One day, Ralphy spots a magician on TV, who changes a rabbit into a little girl. That’s it! Ralphy wants the magician to change him into a little boy. He could get rid of his dog-like ears.

The problem? The magician works far, far away at the flea market and Ralphy has no way to get there.

An opportunity arises for Ralphy to get a ride to the magician, during which he and Oscar wind up stranded together on the streets of Orlando. Can Ralphy and Oscar overcome their differences and help each other? Will Ralphy reach the magician?

Join Ralphy and Oscar on their journey of self-discovery where they have the opportunity to learn about friendship, creativity and acceptance and above all, about being comfortable with who they are.

Ralphy the Rabbit: Finds Himself is the first book in the David L Wallace chapter book series. As per other customers, if you like delightful and uplifting kid stories that provide you a way to help teach a child to feel good about themselves, then you’ll love David L Wallace’s debut children’s chapter book.

Customer Reviews:

“I would highly recommend it to everyone to share with their kids.” – Jessica Smith (Amazon)

“Ralphy the Rabbit is a delightful kids book…” – Blackcrayon (B&N)

“I can see this book being read as a bedtime story. It was such a cute little story, and I can see more adventures being created with these characters.” – Julie Basswell (Amazon)

“…I found this to be an uplifting story with a great message that I plan to share with my young niece and nephew.” – Pam (Amazon)

Industry Reviews:

“An entertaining, short novel for early readers that promotes creativity, friendship, and acceptance. Dean’s simple grayscale illustrations, sprinkled throughout the text, are valuable additions to the narrative…” - Kirkus Reviews