Children's Chapter Book

For Early Reader & Middle Grade Kids

Customer Reviews:

“I would highly recommend it to everyone to share with their kids.” – Jessica Smith (Amazon)

“Ralphy the Rabbit is a delightful kids book…” – Blackcrayon (B&N)

“I can see this book being read as a bedtime story. It was such a cute little story, and I can see more adventures being created with these characters.” – Julie Basswell (Amazon)

“…I found this to be an uplifting story with a great message that I plan to share with my young niece and nephew.” – Pam (Amazon)


Ralphy the Rabbit has always hated his dog-like ears. So much so that when he watched a TV show on which Marvin the Magician changed a little girl into a rabbit, he wanted Marvin to change him into a little boy to fix his ears.

Join Ralphy along with his house mate Oscar the Cat on their journey to see Marvin and discover if Ralphy learns to love and accept himself for who he is.

Industry Reviews:

“An entertaining, short novel for early readers that promotes creativity, friendship, and acceptance. Dean’s simple grayscale illustrations, sprinkled throughout the text, are valuable additions to the narrative…” - Kirkus Reviews