Trojan: The Enemy Within

David L. Wallace’s Debut Thriller

Customer Reviews:

“…definitely one that will give Tom Clancy a run for his money.” - George Elliot (B&N)

“…a novel that appears to announce an important figure along the lines of Robert Ludlum.” – Grady Harp (Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer)

“I can see fans of Tom Clancy and Vince Flynn and Dan Brown gobbling it up.” - Bella (B&N)

“…on par with world class authors in the likes of Tom Clancy.” – Kim Conner (B&N)

Someone has orchestrated the murder of the US vice president, followed immediately by the infiltration and takeout of America’s nuclear defense capabilities: Star Wars, Air Force One and Doomsday Briefcase are all rendered useless.

Victor Walker, White House Manager of Defense Armament Systems, is a well-respected information technology professional within the halls of government. He’s also responsible for the systems that were compromised. Those who once called him a friend and believed in him, now think he’s a traitor. Forced to be a fugitive on the run, he must somehow regain access to the systems he once managed and figure out who committed the crime.

Helen Walker is Victor’s loyal wife. She believes her fugitive husband is having an affair. And now he’s gotten word to her, requesting her help to regain access to the White House systems. Worse yet, the person she must work with to help him, is the person she believes he’s sleeping with.

The clock is ticking. A hooded and masked unknown entity has made a public threat to the US with conditions that if not met, will lead to destruction of nuclear proportions.

In this high-stakes, page-turning debut technothriller by author David L Wallace, Victor must avoid capture, protect his wife and daughter, and bring the defense armament systems back online before the unthinkable happens. As clues lead him closer to the truth, they point to someone close to him, to someone operating out in plain sight of the president and his staff.

Trojan: The Enemy Within is the first novel in this David L Wallace technothriller series. As per reviews left by other customers, if you like Tom Clancy and Robert Ludlum novels, then you’ll love David L Wallace’s debut fast-paced and captivating page turner.

Industry Reviews:

“David L Wallace creates a terrifyingly realistic glimpse into the future of national security. Victor, who is comparable to an extremely patriotic Jason Bourne, is an intriguing hero.”  - Clarion Review

“Wallace's novel is a timely, fast-paced thriller. Fans of the genre will be delighted with the book's well-crafted characters, excellent pacing, and plot.”  - Publisher’s Weekly Booklife Prize in Fiction